Meet Amy’s Sister Liz Gluck

About Liz

"I started painting watercolors when I was 8-years old, but put the paints away for a long time to pursue a career in finance and corporate retail.
After starting a family and staying home with my two girls, Annie & Molly, it was time for me to return to something that I have always loved. Painting watercolors has been a creative outlet and form of therapy for me and I love bringing art and beauty into others’ homes. Thank you for supporting me and following me on this journey"

Liz paints beautiful original watercolor landscapes and does commissioned house portraits that captures not only peace and tranquility but also the vibrant energy that is generated by the life of a home. In addition to landscapes and house portraits, Liz collaborates with her sister Marion, a gifted calligrapher, (Mar + Liz Ink and Art), and they create custom watercolor and calligraphy stationery, greeting cards and gift tags.

Visit to view the beauty of nature and home.